You Can Gift Treats to Anyone, Family, Friends, Colleagues

They'll Love You for it!

Everybody deserves Treats and there's nothing more exciting than receiving unexpected Treats!


You can send them a single box as a Well Done, a Thank You, an I Love You or for no particular reason at all.

Add your personalised message and we'll deliver it free on your behalf.

Gift it...voucher

If you want to say Well Done, Thank You, I Love You or anything else in a BIGGER way – you can send them a voucher from 5 boxes to 100!

You can either email it to them or print it and give it to them personally.

Gift it...corporate

  • Get your prospects attention with Treats and get your message across.
  • Say Thank You or Well Done!
  • Marketing that will always get delivered to the right person.

Provide your list of recipients and we will send as many boxes of Treats, as many times as you wish, to whomever you choose.

Are you redeeming your Treats gift voucher?